Where do you store it all?

People see our displays spread out across our yard, and logically wonder where it all goes after Christmas. When we design displays, we are always conscious of storage, designing them to come apart, lay flat, etc. Our massive Merry Christmas sign folds up into a small box. Our even larger Mega Tree stores in a couple of Rubbermaid totes (plus the flagpole which stays out all year). The 'stable' for our Peanuts Nativity is just a backdrop that breaks down into 4 small 2x4 boards and a canvas backcloth. And so on.

Most of our displays are stored up in the garage attic. A corner of the main garage holds many of the light strings and extension cords (but most of the garage is used as a woodworking shop, one of our other passions, plus cars of course). There are other items stashed here or there but it's a lot more compact than people realize.

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