2004 Display

Our 2004 display featured over 32,000 lights and a computerized light show synchronized to music broadcast on an FM frequency.  We doubled our computer-control capabilities over 2003, and added many great new displays.

Our Mega Tree was expanded to 5400 lights and 38 computer controlled channels.  Two new “Light Flurries” virtual snow projectors provided a festive effect on the front of the house.  New in 2004 were 24 rope light mini-trees that stretch along the front of the display and dance to the music. Also new for 2004 was a “toyland” area themed for kids.  This display area contains a variety of new displays. For 2004 we computerized the 200 foot split rail fence, so it too “dances to music”.  We also replaced all of these lights since the old ones were losing their color.

We created a blog of design ideas for the 2004 display.

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