Display Etiquette

We are happy to have you as a guest to view our display, and hope you have a wonderful time watching it.

As we and our neighbors have to live here all season (and not just visit it once or twice), we are asking you to help us out by abiding by the following — and please pass this information on to anyone you might refer our display to.  Most of this is just common sense and common courtesy:


  • Please do not block the street, or any driveways.
  • Please try not to block the display for other viewers. Traffic tends to queue up on the south side of the road (opposite from our house) when there are people waiting to see the lights.  If you come on weeknights, especially early in the season, you shouldn’t have to worry about this as there won’t be much traffic.
  • Please do not use driveways to turn around — stay on public roads at all times.
  • Please keep all litter in your vehicle
  • We recommend staying in your vehicle. If you do get out of your vehicle, please stay at the edges of the road at all times.  Do not walk onto any private property (and that includes “just to take a picture”).  Please stay behind our display perimeter at all times–  there is high voltage running through the display 24 hours a day, as well as many trip hazards within the display that could cause harm to you our our displays.
  • If you’d like to stay and watch the show for awhile, that’s great.  Just make sure you pull off the road.  If you have a particularly noisy vehicle, it would really help us keep neighborhood peace if you didn’t idle it for long periods of time
  • We use an FM frequency for our display so we don’t have to have speakers blasting the music, which would be disturbing to the neighborhood.  It defeats the purpose if cars blast the music themselves.  Please keep your stereo at a reasonable volume.
  • Please do NOT use your car horn.  This is a neighborhood and we like to keep it peaceful.  Car horns can really get on everyone’s nerves!
  • The display will be run during the hours posted.  We do not honor requests to extend the display hours before or after this period, please don’t ask.

We want you to enjoy the display and hope it helps brighten your Christmas spirit.  But by abiding by these guidelines, you can help us and our neighbors enjoy the holiday season, and ensure the future of our display.

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