Display Down for a few days

Sorry to have to make this statement. We’re going to be offline for a few days:

Sunday Dec 24: As per tradition, we don’t run the display on this day, to give our neighborhood a break on Christmas Eve. In addition, it’s supposed to rain all day, with 1/2″ of rain predicted.

Monday Dec 25: Currently 100% chance of rain, with another 1/2″ plus on top of the wetness from the prior day. We will plan on not running this day as well.

Tuesday Dec 26: Still more wetness, maybe snow, coming. There’s a high chance of no display that night, more info to come closer to that evening.

I wish it weren’t so. But our family has Christmas plans as well and I can’t constantly be running out babysitting tripping circuits or diagnosing problems… it’s not fair to them.

We will plan on running the display once things dry out, through New Years Eve. I will post more here if things change, but wanted to get the word out so people can maybe avoid coming and being disappointed.

Merry Christmas to you all.

P.S. Tonight (December 23), weather permitting, we will plan on running a very short, one or two song playlist as traffic levels peak at this point of the season. Next week would be a much better option if you plan on coming out, as we’ll have the full show going again.