2002 Display

2002 was the first year we lived in our current home, so our display was entirely redesigned from previous years.  Although our previous home was good for Christmas decorating, the new yard had a lot more potential for expanding the display over the years.

In addition to the new location, we added quite a few features to the display for 2002.  We introduced our Peanuts Nativity Pageant which quickly became a hallmark of our display. This Peanuts-themed nativity scene incorporates eight characters counting Woodstock and friends.  It incorporates our Linus Shares the Gospel display from previous years, in which Linus gives his Gospel message from A Charlie Brown Christmas to visitors via projected slides (changed to video in later years).

On the house itself, we added many more icicle lights, as well as a large star on the gable. A new John Deere tractor display was added (in honor of Tim’s dad, a long-time Deere salesman). The new property contains lots of trees, and we lit many of them up with colored lights.

Other additions for 2002 included a candy cane lighted fence at the front of the property, and our own FM radio broadcast of Christmas music.

We created a blog of design ideas for the 2002 display.

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