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2020 Season Ends

Happy New Year! Our 2020 season has come to a close. Despite the worldwide challenges of 2020, we hope you found some joy in the Christmas season, and wish you all a happy and healthy 2021.


Going to make the call: No display tonight, Wed Dec 23 or tomorrow, Thurs Dec 24.
It’s near white-out conditions here, with heavy winds and unplowed streets. Just not ideal conditions for viewing (or running) a Christmas display.
As is the case every year, we also don’t run the display on Christmas Eve.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

A couple important schedule notes:

1) We don’t run the lights on Christmas Eve, Dec 24.2) Regarding tonight (Dec 23): Traditionally is one of the busier nights of the year. And it looks like we’re going to get walloped with a blizzard at the same time. Bad combination. If conditions here warrant it, we will not run the lights tonight; we will try to make a decision on that as soon as practical, and post here if that is the case. In any case, it sounds like it would be a good decision to not come out tonight.We run through Dec 31 so still plenty of time to come out, past the busy peak period and bad weather.

2020 Season Begins!

Tonight officially begins our 2020 display season, our 19th year here on 33rd Avenue. As usual, display will run 5:30-9:30 Sunday-Thursday, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights, through December 31 (except no show on Dec 24).

The realities of 2020 mean that our neighbors are likely to be home much of the time. Please respect them! That means no loud radios, walking on their yards, car horns, etc. Also, now more than ever please WATCH FROM YOUR CAR to maintain distancing. We will not allow our display to become a spread point for the virus and will shut down if that even begins to become a concern.

PLEASE avoid parking or stopping on the north side (display side) of 33rd ave. It blocks other’s views, and causes traffic to quickly back up onto Dunkirk Lane, and since one of our neighbors is a fire station, that’s a No Go and we have to cut the show down to sometimes as little as a single song to keep things moving. Want the best variety of music with little to no traffic? Come on a weeknight early in the month. The weekends, especially close to Christmas, are best avoided.

Have a great Christmas season!

Lights are off for the season

Happy New Year! Our 2019 season has come to a close. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have blessings in 2020.

12/30 – We are back on!

We are back! Drive carefully if you come out but the lights are beautiful with the new snow. We will run through 10pm tonight and tomorrow night.

*** 12/29 Weather Cancellation

Sorry but there will be no lights tonight, 12/29 due to weather.

Very sorry for the repeated cancellations due to weather. We spent quite some time running around, pulling electrical connections out of puddles and super-saturated snow, but too many of the circuits clicked off when we fired up a test run.
Cross your fingers for tomorrow and Tuesday, the final two nights of the year.

*** 12/28 Weather Cancellation

Sorry but there will be no lights tonight, 12/28 due to weather.

With the rain and frozen ground, there is standing water throughout the yard/display. I have had some GFCI circuits trip during the day, even before any lights have been lit.

If anything changes there will be further posts here.

Thanks for a great season!

The Plymouth Lights 2018 display is in the books. Most of the display is down and in storage, and we’re starting to think about ideas for future displays. We have taken photos and video of the 2018 display and hope to get them posted sometime soon.

2018 Season Begins

We are officially live for the season- our 17th year at this address! We run the lights from 5:30-10pm Friday and Saturday nights, and 5:30-9pm on other nights, through the end of December, other than Christmas Eve where we take a break and don’t run the lights.

A few brief requests:
1) If at all possible, come visit the display on a weeknight earlier in the month. This helps alleviate traffic pressure on the neighborhood during weekends and right before Christmas. Plus you’l be able to enjoy more of the show as we move to an abbreviated song list during busy times.

2) Please respect our neighbors and our neighborhood. Avoid loud radios, car horns, and blocking driveways or the street. Our neighbors graciously put up increased traffic in December so you may enjoy the show.

3) Please don’t stop or park on the North side of the road (the side our display is on). This not only blocks the display for others watching from the other side (the best vantage point) but also can back traffic up onto Dunkirk Lane. We live near a fire station and Dunkirk absolutely needs to be free flowing.

4) Please stay in your car to watch the show. Never walk into the display area or our neighbors’ property.

Please click here for more. Thanks and enjoy the show.

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