2023 Season Kickoff

Our 21st season of Plymouth Lights – Christmas at the Fischer’s Place is now live!

Technically it’s our 22nd season at this address, and a few more years before that at another address… but who’s counting? It was 2003 that launched what was the Twin Cities’ first animated, synchronized to music Christmas display, so that’s the date we’ll go with.

Now here we are in 2023, and somehow we still got things up and running with one boy off to college and the other very busy with high school activities. We’re still celebrating the Reason for the Season and invite you to stop by.

Our hours are 5:30-9:30 Sunday-Thursday and 5:30-10pm Friday and Saturday evenings. Plan to come early in the season, preferably on a weeknight, and you’ll see our whole show (we shorten it up, sometimes drastically, when things get busy).

Address can be found on this page.