2007 Display

New for 2007 is an computer-controlled dancing arch fence made out of LED lights.  You can read more about this arch and how it eas constructed on this page.  New to Toyland this year was our Snoopy Santa blowmold.  We searched for one for some time (the company that made them is no longer in business) and this year, a friend of ours and fellow local decorator was able to find one for us at an auction.

A family in the neighborhood donated four new inflatables to our display.  Making its debut this year right on the corner is this Rudolph Snow Globe.  We loved the item, but it just didn’t do well in our Minnesota winters, so we ended up selling it and using the proceeds to fund other display items. 2007 was also the first year for our LED Flag.

We created a blog of design ideas for the 2007 display.

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