2012 Display

For 2012 we completely redid our “Mega-Tree”.  This tree was the first major music synchronized element in our display when we built it in 2003, and we decided to make it better for its 10th season.  The new tree is all LED lights, and it is made up of “pixel” lights, meaning each individual bulb can be controlled individually by the computer to be set to any color at any time, independent of all the other lights in the tree.  This allows us to do many new effects that we could never do before:  spirals, horizontal wipes, snow, ‘meteors’, and many others.  Plus it can do everything the original tree did too.  You can read more about it on it’s own page., and see it in many of the pictures in this gallery.

Our other new addition for 2012 was an animated Candy Cane Pinwheel.

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