12/15 Weather Statement

We have decided to not run the display tonight, Wednesday Dec 15. Upon inspecting the yard this noon, the high temps are melting this weekend’s snowfall and making it a wet, sloppy mess with many puddles. This is even before tonight’s projected severe thunderstorms and high winds.

An electrical fault from water could take out one of our display controllers, and if something does fall over in the high winds, it would be better if it wasn’t electrically charged. Therefore we’ve taken the extreme step of cutting all power to the yard (usually the controllers have power even when the lights are off during the day). This isn’t a normal situation nor is this something we normally do.

Take care, be safe, and keep posted on our display status. God willing we’ll be back tomorrow night. If you’re inclined to say a little prayer that our Mega Tree doesn’t topple and the rest of the display doesn’t end up in St. Paul, that would be great too.