2020 Season Begins!

Tonight officially begins our 2020 display season, our 19th year here on 33rd Avenue. As usual, display will run 5:30-9:30 Sunday-Thursday, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights, through December 31 (except no show on Dec 24).

The realities of 2020 mean that our neighbors are likely to be home much of the time. Please respect them! That means no loud radios, walking on their yards, car horns, etc. Also, now more than ever please WATCH FROM YOUR CAR to maintain distancing. We will not allow our display to become a spread point for the virus and will shut down if that even begins to become a concern.

PLEASE avoid parking or stopping on the north side (display side) of 33rd ave. It blocks other’s views, and causes traffic to quickly back up onto Dunkirk Lane, and since one of our neighbors is a fire station, that’s a No Go and we have to cut the show down to sometimes as little as a single song to keep things moving. Want the best variety of music with little to no traffic? Come on a weeknight early in the month. The weekends, especially close to Christmas, are best avoided.

Have a great Christmas season!