Welcome to our new website!

We’ve (finally) updated our website! Now that we have a solid modern platform to build on, we plan on continuing to update and add content on a much more regular basis.
We’ve been wanting to replace our website for a long time. Our old site was based on an ancient Microsoft FrontPage platform which hasn’t been supported for years, and is very clunky to use to maintain and update the site. Consequently, site updates waned, and things got pretty stale.

It was a pretty big effort but we ported most of the old content over to a new platform which is modern and will allow us to update the website from anywhere, anytime. This initial rollout is not much more than a “reskin” of the old site’s content, but this new platform lays down the groundwork for many new site improvements over the coming months and years.

We started our Christmas website around 2000, on a self-hosted server running on our PC over a DSL line at home, using our family domain. 17 years is a long time for a personal website! We know some of our content continues to be a little data, but we’ll keep working on it. It’s happy to have a modern platform to support that effort.

Here’s to a great 2017 display season!