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LED Tree in 2011

The tree in 2011, done in LED's

Christmas 1996 was the first Christmas I (still single at the time) lived in my "own place".  I wasn't planning a huge display by any means, but I did want something to be unique.

This particular house had a large windowless wall facing one of two streets the house was situated on.  Somehow I came up with was the idea to place a "big tree of lights" on this side of the house.  Quite seriously, I drew up the original plans on a Magna-doodle, which was a left over "toy" I had from college days.

The materials for the tree are exceedingly simple and even quite cheap, but the result was quite nice.  The tree is simply made up of three strings of lights:  a green string to outline the shape of the tree, and red and yellow strings for the "garland".  The lights were simply wound around nails placed in the wood siding of the house.  

Large Tree of Lights in 1997After I finished the tree, it was obvious that something was missing-- it needed a star.  A "marquee star" by Noma fit the bill perfectly, and is  perfectly-sized for the tree.  The white lights "chase" around the perimeter of the star.

Measuring over 13 feet tall, and about 20 feet from the ground to the top of the star, it was a very prominent feature for the six displays I (and later we) had at this house.

Large Tree of Lights in 2009In July 2002 we moved to a new home.  As this house did not have the "large empty wall",  we were unsure if we would be able to continue this feature in our new displays.  We did, however, find such a place.   It still looks great, and greets people coming to our front door, which is right next to the tree.  We did replace the nails with "siding clips" as our siding is in much better shape than the old house and we didn't want to damage it.

For the 2011 season it was time for another refresh.  We replaced all the lights of the tree with commercial-quality LED lights, which gives the tree much richer color than the aging incandescent lights used up until now . The Noma star, purchased for the original tree in 1996, is still going strong.
Large Tree of Lights in 2000
The original tree, at Tim's original home.

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