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There are days until Christmas !


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Our display is animated with computer controlled lights set to music, so still photos only capture some of the experience.  At some point in the future, we will have videos from our 2009 show posted on this page.  Until then, please enjoy some photos from our display, and you can watch some videos of our 2006 display (which was the last one we have posted videos for) once you are finished.

Here are some general overview pictures of the display.  Notable here are our arch fence, Mega Tree, and mini trees.

2009 Overview 2009 Overview

2009 Overview 2009 Overview

2009 Overview 2009 Overview


Here are some views of the front of the house, which features our Peanuts Nativity Pageant display.  One of the new additions for 2009 was video that plays along (and synchronized to) the music and lights.  The screen to the left of the Nativity plays these videos.  It is also used to show speech bubbles for our Linus Shares the Gospel display, which up until this year used an old Kodak slide projector.  Also new this year are LED icicle lights, which gives the roof a more "icy" look than the standard ones we've used for many years.

 Front 2009 Nativity 2009

Front 2009 Remember Jesus 2009

Click Here for more information on the "Remember Jesus" sign.

IMG_3489.JPG (78658 bytes) IMG_3494.JPG (57328 bytes)

Above:  "Tree of Lights" and Snoopy's Doghouse

IMG_3487.JPG (75477 bytes)Our kneeling Santa display.  

Our larger side yard contains what we call the "Toyland" area of the display.  This area received many new LED lights, as we continue to switch the display over to LED's each year:

Toyland 2009 Toyland 2009

Toyland 2009 Toyland 2009

IMG_3503.JPG (103497 bytes)One new additions this year was this countdown clock.  Here we see that it's only 3 days until Christmas!

As seen in several of the pictures below and elsewhere on this page, Toyland also contains our large Merry Christmas sign with the string of "Big Bulbs" below it.  These, as well as many other elements in the display, are all controlled by the computer to respond to the music. 

Merry Christmas 2009 Toyland 2009

Toyland 2009 Toyland 2009

Toyland 2009 Merry Christmas 2009



Back 2009The back of the house, visible from the side road.

Our son William makes a cameo as we take the pictures of the fence which stretches along the side of our property:

William in Display 2009 William in Display 2009


We keep a blog of thoughts as the year progresses.   Click Here to view the log for 2009


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