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There are days until Christmas !


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On this page you'll find lots of pictures of our 2005 display, which once again featured a computerized light show synchronized to music broadcast on an FM frequency.  We added a few surprises for the season which we hope you'll enjoy.

The 2005 Photo Slide Show  shows many more photos of our 2005 display set to music.  (approx 8MB)

We also have a video of our 2005 display!  This video is approximately 4 minutes of highlights taken  from over 50 minutes of different musical sequences in our display.  Click here to view (approx 7MB)

Kneeling SantaOne of the first things you would see when viewing our 2005 display is our Kneeling Santa, which has been a tradition in our display since 1999.  In this display, Santa is kneeling to the Christ Child, and is our way of showing the real meaning of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas
Another one of our "classic" displays is our Merry Christmas sign, which you can read about here.  It is quite large and animated, which is why in some of the pictures below you'll see it only partially lit.

Mega TreeAlso returning for 2005 was our Mega-Tree.  This tree, animated with 38 computer-controlled lighting circuits synchronized to music, is one of our favorite things to watch.

Mega-TreeAnother view of the Mega-Tree.  Each of the 12 'slices' of the tree can be any combination of 3 different colors.  By changing the colors via the computer, the tree can spin, morph, and "dance" to the music.

Front of HomeFront and Nativity

Peanuts NativityOne of visitor's favorite displays (and certainly one of our favorites) is the Peanuts Nativity Pageant.  In this display, Linus shares the Gospel via projected slides, and the other Peanuts characters do their part to portray the reason we celebrate this season.  Behind the display on the front of the house, "virtual snow" falls all season thanks to our two Light Flurries projectors.

Charlie and Lucy

SnoopyIn keeping with our growing Peanuts theme, we added a small inflatable Snoopy for 2005.

ToylandOur Toyland section was expanded to fill the majority of the rightmost section of our display.  It's a large area and doesn't photograph well in one picture, so here are some more...

Golden Retriever and DoghouseNew to the Toyland area for 2005 is this lovable Golden Retriever and his house.  His tail wags since he loves Christmas lights -- this time exposure makes it look like he has two tails, but he doesn't really!

ToylandTwo mechanically animated elves, as well as a rocking horse (not shown) help populate the Toyland.  At the very back is our new rotating 3D star, as well as an inflatable Santa and Snowman, of which the Santa is new this year.

Santa TrainAt the far edge of Toyland, Santa tries to plow through all the snow we got this season in his Christmas train!  The red tree is one of 24 red and green trees we have which are synchronized to Christmas music.  

Back of Home
The back of our home got more of a treatment for 2005.  In addition to our 200' lighted, animated fence which we've done since moving here, we've added lights and a tree on our deck (which itself is new this year), and a 12' inflatable snowman.

The snowman was a generous surprise gift from a neighbor.  One day early in the lighting season, they stopped by, told us they appreciate our lights and display, and told us they purchased the 12' inflatable snowman for us to use.  He looks great!

Here's a closer-up picture of our deck.

Front and SideOne final look from another angle.

Planning for the display happens year round-- and we keep a "diary" or log of thoughts as the year progresses.   Click Here to view the log for 2005

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