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There are days until Christmas !


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Our Display in 2004

Our 2004 display featured over 32,000 lights and a computerized light show synchronized to music broadcast on an FM frequency.  We doubled our computer-control capabilities over 2003, and added many great new displays.  Two new "Light Flurries" virtual snow projectors provide a festive effect on the front of the house.  

Thanks to ChristmasDisplays.net, you can view a 2 1/2 minute video montage of some of our 2004 display (recommended for broadband users only!)

Our Display in 2004New in 2004 were 24 rope light mini-trees that dance to the music.  These trees stretch along the front of the display.  You can read more about these trees, and how they were constructed, by clicking this link.

Also new for 2004 was a "toyland" area themed for kids.  This display area contains a variety of new displays.

Toyland in 2004The toyland area contained two motorized displays which you can see to the left:  A Santa/elf teeter-totter , and a rocking horse.  Other new displays in this area include a snowman and tree, Mickey Mouse, Kids with Tree, and others.

Toyland in 2004

Toyland in 2004

Snoopy on Doghouse in Toyland, 2004This Snoopy on Doghouse was added to our display in 2000, and was the original inspiration for our Linus Shares the Gospel and ultimately our Peanuts Nativity Pageant.  In this picture from 2004, he dozes at the edge of our Toyland display.

Mega Tree in 2004The focal point of our display is our "Mega-Tree", which was expanded for 2004.  This 5500-light tree is controlled by 38 computer-controlled lighting channels, contains two powerful strobe lights at the base, and can change colors, spin around, and do many visual effects, all synchronized to music.  You can learn more about the Mega-Tree and it's construction on its own page.

Peanuts Nativity Pageant in 2004Our Peanuts Nativity Pageant continues to be a favorite with adults and kids alike.  For 2004, we replaced the screen Linus uses to share the gospel with a new rear-projection one that we built.

Peanus Nativity Pageant in 2004In the background of this picture of the Nativity (and in the picture below), you can see our large electronic Merry Christmas sign, which has been wishing display visitors a happy season since 1999.

Side Yard and Merry Christmas

Kneeling Santa in 2004As has become a tradition, our Kneeling Santa display was prominently displayed on the corner of our property, easily seen from both streets, and showing that Santa knows the real reason for the season.

Below is the view from the side of our property.  For 2004 we computerized the 200 foot split rail fence, so it too "dances to music".  We also replaced all of these lights since the old ones were losing their color.

Side and Back, 2004

John Deere Tractor, 2004One last picture from our 2004 display.  We're both John Deere fans, so this tractor is an essential part of our display!

We were featured in an article and radio interview on the national news outlet HDNews in December 2004.  Click here for a video clip.

Planning for the display happens year round-- and we keep a "diary" or log of thoughts as the year progresses.   Click Here to view the log for 2004

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