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There are days until Christmas !


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Our 2003 display surpassed 24,000 lights for the display (up from around 15,000 in 2002), and added computer-controlled synchronization of lights to music, a very exciting addition.  Please enjoy some pictures of the display below.  

View from corner of lot

Above is the view of our home you would see when turning onto our street.  Here you can see several of the new additions for 2003.  First, and most exciting, is what we've dubbed our "Mega-Tree".  For its first year, this tree was made up of about 4600 lights in three colors, a strobe light, and contained 32 computer-controlled lighting channels.  What this means is that the tree can change colors, spin around, and do many visual effects, all synchronized to music.  We've dedicated a page to this display, and you can see many more pictures of the tree in action there.

Also shown in this picture is our large new "Remember Jesus" sign.  This sign was used in a Christmas display in Indiana and we acquired it for our 2003 display.  For more on this story, see this page.

Time exposure from corner of lot

The picture above is a time exposure with a view similar to the one above.  This type of picture helps bring out some of the colors.

Front of House, with Peanuts Nativity PageantOur Peanuts Nativity Pageant display, which was new in 2002, remained very popular, especially with the kids.  In this display, Linus shares the real meaning of Christmas via a multimedia slide presentation.  To learn more about these displays, as well as see some close-up pictures, click on the links in the previous text.  

Below are a couple pictures of our "side yard".  Besides another view of the Mega-Tree,  you can see our new spiral tree, a new rope light tree in the background, and the rearrangement of several other displays from 2002.

Side Yard  Side Yard Close-up

Below is another view of our side yard, this time showing our animated Merry Christmas sign.  You also get a better view of our new rope light tree.

Side Yard with Merry Christmas

The sign in our 2003 display

Candy Cane FenceAlso for 2003 we added many new candy canes to our Candy Cane Fence.  The fence now also extends down both sides of the driveway, using lighted canes that are also computer-controlled.  Click the link to learn more about this display.

Animated Santa TrainWe found this cool animated train to add to our display as well.

Kneeling SantaAs always, our Kneeling Santa display was prominently displayed on the corner of our property, easily seen from both streets.  

Here's one final view of our property, as seen from the back.  We added icicle lights on the sides and back of the house, and they, too are computer-controlled.  Cars driving along this side of the property get a great view of the icicle lights chasing around the house and doing other effects.  It also shows a portion of the approximately 200' fence we light up along this side.

Back of Lot

Planning for the display happens year round-- and we keep a "diary" or log of thoughts as the year progresses.  Click Here to view the log for 2003

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