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Go Fish:  Snow
 We first discovered this CD when we were given tickets to a Go Fish show as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  We liked it so much we quickly bought it, and added a couple of the songs into our display the next year.  This one's a winner, I'd call it a must-have for your collection!

Amy Grant:  Christmas Album and  Home for Christmas
Two very good Christmas CD's.  The Praise the King/Emmanuel/O Little Town medley is my favorite from the first CD, and Breath of Heaven on the second CD is just magical.  

Vince Guraldi Trio:  A Charlie Brown Christmas
What could be more Christmas than Charlie Brown?  If you've read about our Linus display, you know we're big fans of both Peanuts and especially the Christmas special.  You'll be instantly transported back to your childhood with this excellent CD.

Mannheim Steamroller:  Christmas
Originally released in 1984, this CD has become something of a classic.  The 80's-esque Deck the Halls will have your toes tapping, while the excellent, reflective rendition of Silent Night, which closes the CD, will leave your breathless.

Mannheim Steamroller:  Fresh Aire Christmas
The 1988 follow-up to Christmas, and perhaps my favorite of the the four listed here.  Hark the Herald Trumpets/Hark the Herald Angels Sing recalls Deck the Halls from the original CD, while Still, Still, Still and Traditions of Christmas could put me in the Christmas mood anytime of the year.

Mannheim Steamroller:  Christmas in the Aire
If you like the other 2 Mannheim Christmas CD's, you'll probably like this one.  However, after listening to all three in a row, one starts to notice that this one lacks in creativity what the others had.  It's not a bad CD, just not as groundbreaking as the others.  Still-- a worthy addition to your collection.

Mannheim Steamroller:  Christmas Extraordinare
This CD just came out for 2001, and I like it.  I still like the first two the best, but this one's definitely better than #3 in my opinion.  Highlights for me are Hallelujah (the opening track) and Faeries (from "The Nutcracker").  There's a few "filler tracks" here but not as many as Christmas in the Aire.  I recommend it.

The Westwind Ensemble:  Christmas Tribute to Mannheim Steamroller
Although not by Mannheim Steamroller, this CD is clearly aimed at their fans, so I listed it with their own material.  This CD has some fun arrangements in the style of Steamroller.  I picked it up in the bargain bin, and Amazon has it for under $5, so it's a cheap addition to your collection.

The Glenn Miller Orchestra:  In the Christmas Mood, Vol. 2
Christmas meets Big Band!  This one's just hokey enough to be fun, and a nice contrast to the normal Christmas faire.  There is also an In the Christmas Mood, Vol. 1, but I haven't heard that one.

Jeff Scheetz:  Christmas... At Last
Tired of the same old, sappy, down-tempo Christmas music?  Then this CD is a must-have!  Jeff does Christmas with screamin' guitars, high-energy arrangements, and lots of spunk!  This CD contains some great arranging and awesome playing.  We liked it so well, we used it for 2 of the 7 songs making up our 2003 light show!

Simon Night-Simon Sings His Christmas Favorites
If you collect Christmas novelty music, this one's a must-have.  This isn't your average "Barking Dog's Jingle Bells"; rather Simon lends real interpretation and inspiration to the music.  My favorite:  the "live" cut Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  At $9, the price is right, too.

Take 6:  He Is Christmas
Primarily an Acapella CD, and some excellent, upbeat versions of both new and original carols.  The title track, Amen, and others will have you tapping your feet, while Sweet Little Jesus Boy and O Come All Ye Faithful are slower and more reflective. 

Trans-Siberian Orchestra:  Christmas Eve & Other Stories
I bought this CD after hearing Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/12 on the radio, and finally discovering who the group was.  Most of the rest of the album is considerably more mellow than the rocking radio-release track, but it's an interesting CD.

A Very Special Christmas (Vol 1), Vol. 2 , and Vol 3
These 3 CD's (released and sold individually), contain an extremely eclectic mix of old and new carols from artists popular at the time the CD's were releases (1989, 1992, and 1997, respectively).  There's simply too much to list here, click the links for the full lineup.  The addition of these CD's will add instant variety and a unique touch to your collection.

Windham Hill Artists:   Winter's Solstice, Vol. 4
There's at least six CD's in this series, I happen to have volume four (picked it up in a bargain bin after Christmas once).  It consists mainly of classic carols done Windham-style (melodious and new-agey).  This is nice reading, "music by the fire", or background music for holiday parties.

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