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Plymouthlights.com needed a new logo (and a whole new look and feel).  Our old logo, which we cobbled together with some free clip art and a little tweaking, looked pretty amateurish:

Old Plymouth Lights logo

So, lacking the talent to create our own logo, and lacking the budget to hire a world-class graphics/marketing studio to create one, we decided to have a little fun and hold a logo contest!

Not entirely sure who, if anyone, would actually bite on a contest with a whopping $25 grand prize, we promoted the contest out at www.planetchristmas.com and here on this website (amid woories like "gee, what if the only logo submitted turns out to be really bad <grin>?).  These worries quickly subsided as the first few entries came in.  And in the end, we ended up with a number of great entries. 

 We're pleased to announce the winner of the contest effort:  Scott Hardin of Columbus, Indiana!  Scott came up with this great logo which now promotes our website:

There were a good number of other entries as well (at least for a contest of this scope).  There were certainly some other great choices from within this batch, and we thank each and every entry for taking the time to create and submit your work-- it is much appreciated.  Here they are, in no particular order:


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PlymouthLights.com logo thanks to Scott Hardin