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Christmas at the Fischer's Place was featured in this December 22, 2005 article which ran in the on the Concerned Women for America website.  It featured an audio interview with Tim.

Making Christ the Center of Christmas, One House at a Time      12/22/2005


While Christ has been steadily pushed out of the public celebration of Christmas, to the point that even the word “Christmas” is under attack, many thousands across the country take this season as a time to proclaim the birth of our King. You have probably seen them, the friends and neighbors who go all out with Christmas lights, drawing spectators not only to their homes but to the Gospel as well. Martha Kleder spoke with two of those folks, Jeff Womack of Schertz, Texas (outside San Antonio) and Tim Fischer of Plymouth, Minnesota (in the Twin Cities area). Tim Fischer has inspired fellow Christians as far away as Kennewick, Washington to use their display to honor Christ.

Click to listen:
Jeff Womack - Interview  [6:07]
The display:
Click here for a short video of Jeff's display.

Tim Fischer - Interview [5:50]
The display:
Click here for a short video of Tim's display.

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