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Student Accommodation Lease Agreement South Africa

Without demonstrable income, references, or credit histories, it can be difficult to know if your student applicant will be a responsible tenant. Soon, thousands of students will go to universities across the country, and many will be looking for student housing. • READ MORE: Student residence is a solid real estate investment As the demand for student housing exceeds the supply of housing on campus, many students have no choice but to look for alternative housing outside of official residences. Many students do not have vehicles and depend on public transport to get around. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your property is located in an area that offers easy access to public transport and amenities. This way, you will ensure that your property is always in demand. But while the search for high rental yields and additional regular income may seem appealing, there are also some important risks to consider before investing in student housing: the benefits of investing in student accommodation: one of the main concerns for parents looking for student accommodation for their children is to ensure that their child is in a safe environment. Integrating security features into your property can help your home get on the list of the best options. To make sure you`re making the right decision, you should consider that the student`s parents are co-signatories to the lease and instead screen the parents. Given the persistent lack of student housing, becoming a student rental company may seem attractive.

But before you jump, here`s what you need to know about renting to students. If you decide to take the leap and become a student homeowner, observe these 5 practical tips to ensure that your investment is a success: with the demand for housing outspending supply, your property is financially safe, even in the event of economic setbacks and/or a decline in the value of housing in other sectors of the housing market. Even when a student attends a university for four years, they often divide that time between on-campus accommodations and off-campus apartments and tends to change their living environment every year. This is due to the fact that students usually leave the city between December and February to return home during the holidays. An additional review of 50 public higher education institutions by the Ministry of Education showed that the 710,000 students had only 10,120 beds. Many students who are living alone for the first time may not understand the value or responsibility in preserving and maintaining their home.