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Doha Agreement 2020 Upsc

After nearly a year of negotiations, the United States signed a peace agreement with the Taliban (the Afghan government is not a signatory). India participated in the signing ceremony in Doha and was represented by an ambassador to Qatar. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his political rival Abdullah Abdullah signed a power-sharing agreement two months after the two winners of the last presidential elections were declared. The Taliban Governing Council has agreed to a temporary ceasefire in Afghanistan, providing a window to sign a peace agreement with the United States. Since October 2018, Taliban officials and U.S. officials have been meeting to calculate a peace treaty. Network paper 2: ir-| Bilateral, regional and global groups and agreements that concern India and/or affect India`s interests (d) whether there will be an effective guarantee and mechanism to ensure the sustainability of a peace agreement. The alliance and its partners in the Afghan security mission, known as “Resolute,” would reduce their military presence in the country in recognition of the new agreement. 17,000 troops from 39 countries are currently determined at the Main Plain: Factors that prevent India from resolutely engaging on the security front in Afghanistan Given that the international community accepts a new Taliban-led dispensation in Afghanistan far more than last time, it also means greater acceptance of these regimes in general.

either out of necessity or as a function of geopolitical calculations. That the Taliban have pitted their opponents against the 21 Indeed, the fact that this may be a potential source of inspiration for other groups in the region and from outside should indeed worry us. Main level: The information map soon analyzes the role of India and Iran in the Afghan peace process…. In 2013, the UPSC asked a question about developments in Afghanistan in light of the proposed withdrawal of the International Security Assistance Force. Similarly, one can ask a question based on recent developments, for example: “The return of the Taliban following the U.S. Taliban agreement in Afghanistan has a considerable impact on the security of countries in the region. . . .