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Code Of Conduct Agreements

The main purpose of a code of conduct is to define and maintain a standard of behavior that is acceptable to all stakeholders in a company. It is a reminder to employees of what is expected of them. He also stresses that their actions must always be in line with the company`s ethics. In addition, the breakdown of behaviour should make it possible to understand the consequences and disciplinary measures. Patria Group`s (“Patria”) reputation and long-term reliability as a partner form the basis for profitable activities and represent an important part of the group`s value. Patria`s entire business is based on trust, which means honesty, reliability and high standards for ethical business behavior. This Code of Conduct (Code) covers the ethical standards applicable to board members, directors, employees, temporary agency workers and business partners of Patria companies. The code also reflects Patria`s values, based on the universal values of integrity, transparency, accountability and sustainable development. Establish the code of conduct with as clear language as possible. Prohibitions of illegal activities, smoking, drinking, bad language, discrimination and harassment can be examples. They may also include privacy expectations, disease reporting procedures, expected clothing and appearance, and emergency reporting procedures. Create a list of codes and behavioral testimonials and gather them into an easy-to-digest selection list of key codes.

Synerise requires its employees to compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities. Employees who participate in the sale or negotiation of contracts or the provision of services to customers are expected to understand and comply with the terms of Synerise`s contractual agreements. In addition, each employee must ensure that all statements, communications and assurances made to customers are accurate and truthful. Synerise undertakes to fulfil all contractual obligations. Independent makes available to its employees and readers a detailed document that promotes the company`s best practices, as well as information on editorial behavior, policies for preparing a publication, the publication itself, including sections such as data protection and social media handling, as well as post-publication and complaint handling. In addition, the document contains a clear section of the public interest, which is clearly linked to the values of the organization. Anti-competitive or anti-competitive laws vary from country to country, but in general these laws prohibit agreements or acts that harm competition without benefiting consumers. Activities that are generally contrary to antitrust or competition law include agreements and arrangements between competitors: in addition, we have compiled three examples of codes of conduct for employees in different sectors, including the media, government authorities and a law firm, to highlight the diversity of content needed for different types of business; The adoption of the Synerise Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the “Code”) consisted in defining the principles and guidelines for legal and ethical issues that arise when conducting synerized transactions.

As already noted, it is likely that the employee code of conduct will vary from sector to sector, when it should focus on it; Since signed codes of conduct can be considered as a legal document, they can serve as a disciplinary instrument or mutual legal assistance for offences committed by staff. It is recommended that a qualified personnel professional or labor law professional pre-exist the document prior to its implementation to ensure that it does not violate state or federal labor laws. Together with a personnel manual or code of ethics, the code of conduct must not contradict other published information in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.. . . .

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