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Autosar Associate Partner Agreement

This standard serves as the basic infrastructure for managing functions within both applications and standard software modules. AUTOSAR development cooperation is led by its core partners, who have set up a distributed virtual organization with unanimous decision-making processes. Resources that actively contribute are made available by autosar, premium and development partners distributed worldwide. This places high demands on efficient and effective project and resource management, accurate reporting, quality assurance and transparent communication. Car manufacturers and suppliers interested in AUTOSAR can apply for a premium or associated partnership. The development partnership is particularly suitable for small companies that, in certain areas, contribute to the technological development of AUTOSAR specifications and the implementation of software. With more than 280 partners worldwide, AUTOSAR aims to standardize the software architecture of electronic controllers (ECUS) to improve the overall efficiency of automotive system software development and integration. Many JasPar members are partners of AUTOSAR and vice versa. These companies are the link and convey the spirit of cooperation. JasPar focuses on the use of AUTOSAR and FlexRay STANDARDS…

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