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Affinity Credit Card Agreement

The credit card agreement tells you how much the partner organization receives from the credit card issuer. Make sure that the credit card actually benefits the organization on the front of the credit card. Partnering with a nonprofit isn`t just about being selfless. Issuers themselves charge up to a 3 percent processing fee for each credit card purchase. In addition to credit card features, you should also look at the amount of money the organization receives to purchase credit cards. Don`t think a credit card is a good deal for you just because it`s tied to an organization that supports you. Of course, an affinity credit card isn`t the only way to contribute to an organization whose concerns you can support. The stored agreements contain general conditions of sale, prices and information on fees. You are not specific to a person`s account information. If you are looking for information specific to your account, contact the bank or institution that issued your card. By law, the issuer must provide you with your consent upon request.

If you have difficulty obtaining your consent, you notify us by filing a complaint. We forward your issue to your credit card company, give you a tracking number, and keep you informed of the status of your complaint. Refined credit cards tend to bear higher interest rates than other credit cards. You should pay your credit in full each month in order to avoid additional interest charges, especially if you hope to receive rewards for your credit card purchases. Here you will find instructions, your rights with regard to your creditworthiness and credit card protection. The CFPB maintains a database containing credit card agreements from hundreds of card issuers. The following tool allows you to search for an agreement on the name of the issuer. Sports teams, universities and universities, professional organizations, and nonprofits often have affinity credit cards.

In the case of an affinity credit card, the name of the organization is normally included in the name of the credit card and the logo and colors of the brand are on the front of the physical credit card. The Susan G. Komen credit card, issued by Bank of America, is one of the most well-known refined credit cards and features the pink stripe that has become synonymous with breast cancer awareness.

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