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Opensrs Reseller Agreement

3.17. The client is required to publish on his website the renewal fees of the domain, including after the expiry of the renewal fee (if this is the case by derogation) and the collection/recovery fee. In addition, these fees must be included in registration agreements. iv. Domain name conflicts. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the following documents and that they may be amended from time to time, which are included in this Agreement and which are an integral part of this agreement: (A) The Uniform Domain Dispute Name Resolution Policy (“Dispute Policy”), available at:; (B) criteria and rules for settling dispute resolution restrictions (“RDRP”) are available at:; (together the “dispute policy”). 4.2. The client assumes responsibility for the actions of its negotiators and undertakes to comply with all the conditions set out in this Convention and Appendix B. 3.18. Customers should describe on their websites (if they are used) the methods used to provide notifications before and after expiry. At least resellers should list the fact that on day 30, day 5 and day -3 messages are sent by email.

This communication must also be included in the customer`s terms of use. 11.4. For all e-mail services provided as part of the personal name service, the customer must require the user to comply with the terms of The Tucows e-mail service contract, including authorized usage guidelines, as it may be updated from time to time ( Our domain registration contract, also known as Appendix A, serves as a service contract between OpenSRS (accredited as Tucows Inc.) and the domain owner (registrant). We do not expect that the updates to the RGPD in our Schedule A will have an impact on the reseller, these changes are primarily related to the flow of consent management of the registrant and the policy of data retention and deletion. Note that all resellers must view this updated agreement to customers as part of the domain registration process. 4.4. The client acknowledges that Tucows is not responsible for the assistance of its negotiators or customers, but may decide to support them at its sole discretion. At a minimum, these fees must be clearly posted on their website and a link to these fees must be included in customer registration contracts.

Customers who do not offer or offer registration services on a website must at least include the fee in their registration contracts.

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