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Diamond Sales Purchase Agreement

If you are selling rough diamonds at Raw Gold and Diamond Co., LLC is known as RGDC, please fill out the form below and “click.” Each purchaser does everything in its power to preserve the confidentiality of the information it receives under the exercise of its rights under this section 6.2. 6.3 Exercise of rights under the diamond purchase agreement. Third, we have acquired some of Karrah`s inventory and the value of the New Note also reflects this reflection. On August 10, 2015, we entered into a diamond purchase agreement with Kashif Khan (“Khan”). Please complete our NCNDA form and IMFPA instructions for banks. In exchange for ED`s assets and under the Emerald Diamond Purchase Agreement, TRBP Emerald Diamond issued this specific debt security amounting to $15,055,081 (the “diamond emerald note”). Thank you very much! We have received your contract to sell rough diamonds. Gentlemen: The March 4, 2014 diamond purchase agreement (the “original agreement”) between Brazil Minerals, Inc. is referred to.