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Our display is animated with computer controlled lights set to music, and is set up so you can see different things from many different angles.  The best way to experience the display, of course, is in person. The second-best way is to watch videos.  We have videos of three of the thirteen musical selections we used for the 2013 seasons:

We Need A Little Christmas by Johnny Mathis:


Hark the Herald Angels Sing, from March of the Kings by Trans-Siberian Orchestra:


Greensleeves (00.52 version) by 00.52:


 We have have these pictures of the 2013 display, taken with most of the lights on:

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imgp1486.jpg (6829151 bytes)  imgp1490.jpg (7222123 bytes)

The Peanuts Nativity Pageant display takes it's usual place in front of the house.  New for 2013 was LED spotlighting throughout this display, part of our effort to move to all LED lighting nearly exclusively.  The large star on the front of the house, part of our display since we moved here in 2002, was also redone with LED lighting, as was the Remember Jesus sign.

imgp1456.jpg (7187591 bytes)  imgp1458.jpg (6929560 bytes)

imgp1459.jpg (6244156 bytes)  imgp1460.jpg (6346993 bytes)


Our "big new item" for 2013 was our "Magic Matrix" display, and it really is big.  This is an array of 10 poles, each 10' high and spaced out a total of about 15 feet wide, along the back of our Toyland section of the display.  Normally these poles are off, and fairly invisible, allowing you to see the trees and display items behind them.  But at certain points in the various songs, they come on and can do a wide variety of visual effects, from colored patterns, scrolling bars, VU meter effects, even scrolling huge messages.  Here's some pictures of it doing a few different effects:

imgp1475.jpg (623892 bytes)  imgp1495.jpg (6121698 bytes)

imgp1497.jpg (6922678 bytes)  imgp1500.jpg (6177252 bytes)

imgp1477.jpg (6844095 bytes)  imgp1482.jpg (6604745 bytes)

Toyland also got some other improvements, including new LED lighting in the two large trees flanking the Merry Christmas sign.  Our pixel Mega-Tree, which was new in 2012, continues to add a lot of visual interest to the display with the many effects it can perform.

imgp1463.jpg (6919999 bytes)  imgp1467.jpg (1404289 bytes)

imgp1468.jpg (6916139 bytes)  imgp1471.jpg (6975686 bytes)

imgp1474.jpg (6502015 bytes)  imgp1478.jpg (6924416 bytes)

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imgp1483.jpg (6194963 bytes)  imgp1484.jpg (1259354 bytes)

imgp1679.jpg (6289395 bytes)  imgp1680.jpg (6188523 bytes)

imgp1492.jpg (7081369 bytes)Here's the view from the side, showing the back of our home.

imgp1493.jpg (6583419 bytes)And some fun with overexposure...

imgp1494.jpg (958550 bytes)

imgp1501.jpg (6895304 bytes)Our Singing Tree loves to entertain guests...

imgp1502.jpg (7107124 bytes)  imgp1503.jpg (6056977 bytes)

imgp1487.jpg (1145306 bytes)

Want a more behind-the-scenes look at our display throughout the year?  Check out the Plymouth Lights Facebook Page.


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