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Our display is animated with computer controlled lights set to music, and is set up so you can see different things from many different angles.  The best way to experience the display, of course, is in person, but we have a couple of videos that represent just two of the thirteen songs (plus between-song 'bumpers') which make up our light show:



Please enjoy some 'static' photos of the display:

2011 Display OverviewHere's an overview of our 2011 display, as seen from the corner of 33rd and Dunkirk

Directly in front of our house, as always, is our Peanuts Nativity Pageant.  The video screen which is part of the display shows music videos on half of the music selections, and provides "speech bubbles" for Linus Sharing the Gospel for the other half.

Also new on the house this season is some upgraded LED color wash fixtures.  As seen in the pictures below, these can wash the house in a computer-controlled array of nearly infinite color. These pictures show them in a particular combination of Red, Green, and Blue

Front Display 2011    Nativity 2011 

 Nativity 2011    Nativity 2011   

 Nativity 2011    Nativity 2011

Nativity 2011 House 2011


Across the driveway from the Nativity area is our Toyland- an eclectic mix of toys, cartoon characters, and other Christmas fun.  


Toyland 2011The Mega-Tree and Merry Christmas sign dominate this area.

imgp6036.jpg (162856 bytes)New this year to the display are fourteen colorful North Poles whose tops can change into just about any color individually, all in sync with the music.

Rope Trees 2011Also reworked for this year was our rope trees.  After seven seasons with the old trees, we replaced the old incandescent rope light with new LED rope, giving them a brighter look with a lot less power consumption.

The next series of pictures shows more of our Toyland section of the display:

Toyland 2011    Toyland 2011

Toyland 2011    Toyland 2011

Toyland 2011    Toyland 2011

Mega-Tree 2011    

The Mickey figure near the center of the photos below was new for 2011:

Toyland 2011    Toyland 2011

The next two pictures show a glimpse of our singing/dancing tree, who helps emcee the show and sings along to a lot of the songs:

Toyland 2011    imgp6064.jpg (198289 bytes)

Every display needs Santa up on the roof.  this 'classic' wire frame is ours.  The pic on the right shows our "garage roof" color wash fixtures which are new for 2011.  Like the ones on the front of the house, these can be set to virtually any color via the computer, in sync with the music.

Santa 2011    Garage 2011

The long fence running along the side of our property, as well as the tree nearby, was redone with all new LED lights for 2011:

Fence 2011

Here's a view of the back yard.  Our large inflatable snowman (a gift from a neighbor several years back) returns, and alongside of him is an all-new Snoopy with Christmas Tree blow mold figure.  He's hard to make out in the pictures below because he's bright.  He was new on the market this season and we had to pick one up as we love Snoopy!

Back Yard 2011    Back Yard 2011


Corner 2011One final picture of our display, purposely overexposed just for fun.


Want a more behind-the-scenes look at our display throughout the year?  Check out the Plymouth Lights Facebook Page.


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