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There are days until Christmas !


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Our display is animated with computer controlled lights set to music, so still photos only capture some of the experience.  Unfortunately, the December, 2010 snowfall amounts ruined any chances of taking decent video of the display.   Currently, the latest posted videos are of our 2006 display and quite a bit has changed since then!  For now, please enjoy some photos from our display.

For 2010, we added more LED lighting to make things more colorful and energy efficient.  We added a new video projector to improve upon the video element we added to the display in 2009.  New colorful LED "wash" fixtures shoot a myriad of different colors on the front of the house and garage.  And last but not least, a new singing, dancing "mascot" to go along with the display.  

Here are some general overview pictures of the display.  Notable here are our arch fence, Mega Tree, and mini trees:

2010 Overview 2010 Overview

2010 Overview 2010 Overview

2010 Overview 2010 Overview

IMGP3513.JPG (168792 bytes)

Here are some views of the front of the house, which features our Peanuts Nativity Pageant display.  Last year in 2009, we added  video that plays along (and synchronized to) the music and lights, as well as shows "speech bubbles" for our Linus Shares the Gospel display.  For this year we upgraded the projector to one that is much brighter than last year's.  We also used new RGB LED flood fixtures to "wash" the front of the house in colors. 

Front 2010 Front 2010

Front 2010 Front 2010

Linus Shares the Gospel 2010 Front 2010

IMGP3506.JPG (137145 bytes)Our Remember Jesus sign  is on the edge of this side of the display, and helps remind visitors that we are here to celebrate the real reason for the season!

Here are a few close-up pictures of our Peanuts Nativity Pageant display:

Peanuts Nativity Pageant 2010 Peanuts Nativity Pageant 2010

Peanuts Nativity Pageant 2010 Peanuts Nativity Pageant 2010

New for 2010 is our new "talking tree mascot".  He sits on the edge of our Toyland area, talks between songs, and sings along and dances with some of the songs in the show.  He needs a good name though, any suggestions?  

IMGP3504.JPG (148174 bytes) IMGP3505.JPG (159157 bytes)

IMGP3522.JPG (145748 bytes)

The "side yard" contains our Toyland area.  As with previous years, we continue to phase in more LED lights and displays, and this area benefited from that again this year.  The major feature of this area of the display is our large Merry Christmas sign, with the string of "large Christmas bulbs" underneath.  The rest of the area contains a lot of various whimsical static displays, surrounded by computer-animated effects.

Toyland 2010 Toyland 2010

Toyland 2010 Toyland 2010

Merry Christmas Sign 2010 Merry Christmas Sign 2010


Toyland 2010The pictures to the left and directly below show a couple of minor additions for 2010.  First of all we added the large Pooh figure.  Secondly, our Snoopy on Doghouse wireframe, which dates back (and was the inspiration for) our original Linus Shares the Gospel display in 2000, was redone with LED lights, giving the display a brighter, cleaner look than it had even when new.

Toyland 2010 Toyland 2010

Toyland 2010 Toyland 2010

IMGP3492.JPG (134719 bytes)Our Tree of Lights display

IMGP3489.JPG (129654 bytes)This train display is a favorite of kids -  including our own! 

Kneeling Santa 2010 Our kneeling Santa display.  

Finally, a couple pictures of our side fence and back yard displays: 

Side Fence, 2010 Back of House, 2010


We keep a blog of thoughts as the year progresses.   Click Here to view the log for 2010


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