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There are days until Christmas !


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Our Display in 2008

Our display is animated with computer controlled lights set to music, so still photos only capture some of the experience.  Please enjoy some photos from our display, and you can watch some videos of our 2006 display (which was the last one we videoed) once you are finished.

2008 Corner ViewHere's a view of the display from the corner where you turn on to our street.  

2008 ToylandThis view shows part of our "Toyland" area.  

Toyland 2008A view of the complete "Toyland" side of the yard.

View toward the East, 2008A view from a bit further back than the above picture.

2008 Toyland Left
2008 Toyland Right
It wasn't intentional, but the two pictures above almost turned out to be a panorama of teh "Toyland" side of the yard.  

Merry Christmas Sign 2008This year marks the 10th season that Merry Christmas sign has been a major part of our display.  To celebrate, we changed the controller so that it's synced to music like the rest of our show.  For more information on this sign, please click the previous link.

2008 House FrontWe try to keep the front of our house mostly a Christian theme.  As usual, our Peanuts Nativity Pageant helps reenact that first Christmas, and Linus shares the Gospel message through projected slides, as he has done since 2000.  To the left of this picture, off-camera, is our large "Remember Jesus" sign. 

Nativity 2008For reasons due only to sheer forgetfulness, our usual flock of Woodstock "sheep" didn't make it out this year.  We didn't notice this until the ground was frozen too hard to put them out.  They'll be back next year!

Peanuts Nativity

Nativity 2008Here's a close-up of the Peanuts Nativity Pageant

Remember Jesus 2008Our large "Remember Jesus" sign, to the left of the Nativity.

Kneeling Santa 2008Our "Kneeling Santa and Christ Child" display.  Even Santa takes the time to honor the real meaning of the season.

Display 2008Display 2008

Display 2008A few more assorted views of the display.

Ferris Wheel 2008Our 2008 display included this Ferris wheel, donated from a generous neighbor who has given us several other displays in the past.  We thank them!

Display 2008Display 2008

img_2231.jpg (63165 bytes)Still more assorted views of the display.

Rear Display 2008A view of the rear of our house (complete with icicles blown up on the roof, oops!)

Planning for the display happens year round-- and we keep a blog of thoughts as the year progresses.   Click Here to view the log for 2008



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