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There are days until Christmas !


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Our display is animated with computer controlled lights set to music, so still photos only capture some of the experience.  Unfortunately, we never created videos for 2007 so please enjoy some photos from our display, and you can watch some videos of our 2006 display once you are finished..

One difference this season over the last season is SNOW.  The first weekend the display was up, we got a lot of snow (last year we had no snow at all until New Year's Eve).  The snow definitely gives the display a Christmassy feel, although it does make it look messier in some ways (like the icicle lights which blew up on the roof then got held down by snow...)

Display Facing WestHere  is a view of our display as it is seen from the corner we live on.  

Display Facing East
And here is a view of our display from the other side.

Dancing Arch FenceBrand new for 2007 is an computer-controlled dancing arch fence made out of LED lights.  You can read more about this arch and how it was constructed on this page.  

NativityAs always, our Peanuts Nativity Pageant display is the focal point of the front yard.  In this display, Linus shares the Good News of Christmas via projected slides.

Front Yard and NativityHere is another view of the front yard and Nativity.  

Kneeling SantaThis year we moved our Kneeling Santa with Christ Child display next to the house.  We get a lot of questions about this display-- it is meant to help remind others of the real reason we celebrate this holiday season.  

ToylandOur larger side yard features our eclectic Toyland, featuring many small displays, and many computer-controlled trees.

Santa SnoopyOne new addition to Toyland this year is this Snoopy Santa blowmold.  We've been searching for one of these for some time (the company that made them is no longer in business) and this year, a friend of ours and fellow local decorator was able to find one for us at an auction.

Rudolph Snow GlobeLast year a family in the neighborhood donated four new inflatables to our display at the end of the season.  Making its debut this year right on the corner is this Rudolph Snow Globe.  Unfortunately it was a bit frosted inside when this picture was taken.

Rear of DisplayHere is our display as seen from the rear.  

Rear Display and DeckAnother view of the rear our display, showing the deck.

Display in 2007Here is one final view of our display for now.  Here you can also catch a glimpse of our new LED Flag on the right side.  More information about this item and how it was constructed are on this page.

Planning for the display happens year round-- and we keep a blog of thoughts as the year progresses.   Click Here to view the log for 2007

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