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There are days until Christmas !


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Since we moved to a new home in 2002, our display was entirely redesigned for that year.  Although our previous home was good for Christmas decorating, the new yard has even better potential for expanding the display over the years, and is also in a location that is likely to be seen by more people driving by. 

Christmas Display 2002

Christmas Display 2002


In addition to the new location, we added quite a few features to the display for 2002.  On the house itself, we added many more icicle lights, as well as a large star on the gable: 

Front of House 2002

Front of House 2002

Front of House 2002

Don't miss the new John Deere tractor display to the far right of the picture above, which was new for 2002.  

The picture above also shows the biggest new feature of our 2002 display, the Peanuts Nativity Pageant.  This Peanuts-themed nativity scene incorporates eight characters counting Woodstock and friends!  It includes our Linus Shares the Gospel display from previous years, in which Linus gives his Gospel message from A Charlie Brown Christmas to visitors via projected slides.  

Peanuts Nativity Pageant

Peanuts Nativity PageantPeanuts Nativity Pageant

Peanuts Nativity Pageant - Linus Shares the GospelPeanuts Nativity Pageant

Click Here for more pictures and information about the Peanuts Nativity Pageant.

The new property contains lots of trees, and we lit many of them up with colored lights.  

Christmas Display 2002

Christmas Display 2002

Christmas Display 2002

Our Kneeling Santa received prominent placement at the corner of our lot:

Kneeling Santa    Kneeling Santa


Big Tree of LightsOur Big Tree of Lights was a prominent feature of displays at our old home.  We were happy to find a place for it at our new home as well.

Here's what else was new for 2002:

Our own FM Radio station broadcasting an all-Christmas radio show!  You could tune your car radio to FM 103.3 when viewing our display.
A candy-cane lighted fence on the front of our display added visual appeal.
Lots of different lighted trees, in various different colors-- to take advantage of all the trees in our new yard.
X-10 based timer control.  A behind-the-scenes improvement which powers our display on and off from our computer.  Replaced a half-dozen flaky discrete timers  that never stayed in sync.

Planning for the display happens year round-- and we keep a "diary" or log of thoughts as the year progresses.  Click Here to view the log for 2002.

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